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The Kite School
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Kitesurf School Sardinia

Our kitesurf school is located on the southwest corner of Sardinia near Sant Antioco Island, one of the windiest zone of Italy.
In fact, the two straits between Sant'Antioco and San Pietro islands and the main Sardinia, and the second one between Tunisia and Sardinia give a strong boost to N-NW and S-SE winds.
We have so good wind statistics that the national electric company built a huge wind farm with 40 windmills.

Our wind season is from April till October. During April -May and in October we work as mobile kitesurf school on the great kite spot of Is Solinas.

From June to all September we are in Porto Pino. The kite center is located on the Dune area of the beautiful Porto Pino beach, a beautiful bay surrounded by a nice pine forest and high white dunes and with a crystal turquoise water. Our kitesurf school works in partnership with the Lido Oasi Azzurra, and here we have an official kite zone authorized by Sardinian Government and Coastguard.

The lido offers you everything you need to spend a lovely day with your family and friends: the bar, a beach restaurant where you can have a delicious meal with very fresh fish, and relax on the sun loungers.

The access to the kite zone of  Porto Pino is reserved to the members of our kitesurfing club.

We offer kite lessons for all level: beginner, advanced, wave riding strapless and Hydrofoil.


Our teaching methodology is based on Alessandro’s vast experience of kitesurfing and his 13 years of experience teaching kitesurf and teaching kiters to be kite instructor as well.

There are two key aspects to Alessandro’s philosophy:

First off, and most importantly, you – different people learn in different ways, and Alex's experience has allowed him to understand the most appropriate teaching methods for different personality types and sporting experience and ability.

Secondly, there’s the technical aspect. There are three crucial elements that are very important to learn quickly kitesurf: Bar control, how you distribute the weight on the board, and your stance. I use to analyze deeply all your moves, like on the microscope, to better understand the mistakes and help you to learn faster.

All the instructors at Kitesurf Sardinia School are fully on board with his ideas, and you’ll really feel the benefit of it.

Fast learning

Our kite lessons are designed to make you a kitesurfer in few hours.
Most of our students become independent kitesurf in around 8-10 hours of lesson. How is it possible?
Simple: our team is composed by multi-year experienced instructors; we developed an optimized lesson plan; we use radio and video clinics; we use only the best kitesurf equipment from RRD, and above all, WE LOVE OUR JOB.

IKO certified Kitesurf Instructors

All our kite instructors are IKO certified. The IKO - International Kiteboarding Organization is the most important worldwide training school for kitesurf instructor.
Furthermore, we use to hire only instructors with more than 4-years experience, and with the skills to teach in a variety of spots and wind conditions.
We teach in English, Russian, Italian, German.

Private kite lesson

To learn anything is always faster to take a private lesson. Why?

  • You have your teacher’s undivided attention. He can catch every little mistake. And all of his feedback is going right to you, in as much detail as you could want.
  • The lesson is exactly at your level. The instructor doesn't need to keep a common level between students with different skills. He's your personal kite trainer.

Don't waste your time and money for cheap group lessons.

 Radio helmets and Kite Video Clinics.

We teach using the radio helmet and the GoPro. Those are two fundamental tools that make the difference.
With the radio, you can listen to all the instructor's advice even if you are far from him.
And watching your lesson video you will better understand mistakes.
Only our kite school in Sardinia use both these tools.


we always use helmet, lifejacket and rash vest or wetsuit. Our dinghy boat is always ready to help kiters in trouble. We teach in deep water to avoid the risk of injuries that are common in shallow water.

IKO Student card certification

At the end of your kitesurf course, you will receive the IKO Student Card that certifies your kiteboarding level. The IKO card is valid worldwide, and it's always required when you want to rent the equipment.

Why choose us?

There are many factors to consider when choosing which kitesurf schools you might like to attend besides the sheer cost of kite lessons.
Factors as: long coaching experience, safety approach (use of helmet, lifejacket, rescue boat), good teaching tools, private lessons rather than group, safe teaching spot (deep water no lagoons), and a great passion for this job are very important. A good kitesurf school have to lay emphasis on these factors and on the quality of its product. If you learn quickly you will enjoy and save money.
You will learn quickly only if you choose a good kite school.

Welcome to Our Wolrd!