No wind Activities

On every windy places, it's possible that for one or two days the wind isn't good for kite worries we have always an ace in our hands.

We are happy to provide you other sporting or cultural activities to make every day of your kitesurfing holiday a special day, even when the wind is missing!

One beauty of Sant Antioco and the surrounding coastline are the several remote bay and cliffs, it's a paradise for the Stand Up Paddle and snorkeling excursions.
We include in every kite camp package:

  • Stand Up Paddle excursions – SUP - on Sant Antioco island (duration 4hrs)
  • Visit San Pietro island and the town of Carloforte it can be combined with a SUP excursion too (duration full day in case of Visit+ SUP, half day in case only visit)
  • Visit the archaeological site and museum of Sant Antioco

We do those activities as an exchange of the rentals included in the packages, the basic package has one excursion included. Ferry and museum tickets aren't included.

We can arrange, but not included in the package cost:
- Day Sailboat cruise
- Day fisherman’s boat cruise called Pesca Turismo