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Kitesurf Camp Sardinia the perfect kitesurfing holiday

The Kite Camp is a kitesurfing holiday where we mix the kite lessons from a professional kitesurf school, a great and comfortable accommodation, the pleasure to be in Sardinia, and the fun that you gonna have living together with the kite school team and with like-minded people from all over the world.

The "social aspect" of the kitesurf camp: getting to know people from different backgrounds and cultures, sharing life experiences; makes our KiteCamp an amazing holiday experience.

To better melt our guests, as ingredients of a perfect cocktail, we don't only gonna have good time at the kite beach, but we hang out at night, arrange delicious dinner in the most typical and good restaurant, we visit local cultural and gastronomical events and we arrange alternative sport and cultural activities when the wind isn't too good for kitesurfing.

We provide you an authentic amazing kitesurfing holiday experience!!!

We offer a kitesurfing camp with a diverse program of private kite lessons and equipment rental, so if you are a beginner or intermediate always you have the right program for you. The Basic Package is without lessons, it's s for no kite guest or for all expert kiter that wants to live in our Kite Surf Camp. We are located on the southwest coast of Sardinia. One of the windiest area in Italy. The two kite spots where we teach, Is Solinas and Porto Pino with steady cross shore winds, long sandy beach are perfect to learn and enjoy kitesurf!

Our kitesurf camps are perfect wherever you are a solo traveler, a couple, a group of friends or a family.

Sardinia with her beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches with crystal turquoise water, delicious food and wines, and a lot of wind, it's the perfect destination for your kitesurfing holidays.

Check our offers, and book our kiteCamp!

Kitesurfing holidays packages:

kite camp beginner

From 690€/week

Learn kitesurfing?
We offer high quality kitesurfing lessons: only private lessons, high experienced IKO certified kite instructor, radio and video coaching.
You get all the safety and practical instruction to learn kite quickly and safely.

-7 hours private Kite lessons
-IKO certified coach
-Walkie-Talkie lessons
-Video clinics from your first successful waterstart

Check it out!!!

kite camp intermediate

From 645€/week
For those of you who have had a kite course, but need more kitesurfing lessons and equipment rental to become a independent kiter:

-4 hours private Kite lessons
-IKO certified coach
-Walkie-Talkie lessons
-Video clinics for riding lessons
-3 days kite equipment rental

Check it out!!!

kite camp advanced

From 595€/week
Do you want to be a kite hero?
For all advanced kiters we offer advanced kite course to boost your kite level:

-2 hours private Kite lessons
-IKO certified coach
-Walkie-Talkie lessons
-Video clinics for riding lessons
- 4 days kite equipment rental

Check it out!!!

kite camp hydrofoil

From 690€/week
Our kite school is proud  to offer you a complete set of kitesurfing lessons to learn and enjoy the hydrofoil kite with a easy step by step approach.
To reduce the learning curve and make Kitefoiling accessible to everyone, we use a special model hydrofoil surfboard designed especially for schools and beginners. 

Check it out!!!

kite camp basic

From 365€/week
If you are a no-kite guest, or if you are an expert kiter and you want to live the kitesurf camp exeprience, that's your kitesurfing holiday package.

Check it out!!!

KiteCamp accommodations:

Often who are arranging a kitesurf camp holiday offer just only one type of accommodation. And it's possible that it doesn't fit your needs in terms of quality, price, and the amenities of the surrounding area.
To offer you a perfect kitesurf holiday in Sardinia we are eager to arrange for you a tailor-made accommodation solution chosen from our wide selection of partner boutique hotels, private self-catering apartments as well as room in a guesthouse.
We offer two locations: Sant Antioco the best town for amenities at 15-20 min by car from kite spot, and Is Solinas - Porto Pino close to the kite spot but sited in a countryside area.
With us, you can rest assured that you will always get the accommodation solution best suited to both your comfort and budget needs!

Check it out!